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We restrict our classes to small groups of students which helps us individualize our course content. Instead of keeping students for long periods of time, we have found that instructing them and letting them do the practice outside of class seems to work well with busy student schedules. Individual tutoring packages for those who prefer to do their entire preparation individually are also offered. We will customize instruction to fit any need.   

All deposits are non-refundable.  After the student attends session 1, there will be no refund of any kind.

You can see a full list of our services and prices here.

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What is unique about CSS Tutoring?
If students drop a class, can they get a refund?
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What are your prices?
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Should I schedule a consultation and, if so, what will that entail?

The purpose of a consultation is to review multiple test results to determine if one test is better than the other for the student.  It could also be designed to address special circumstances that are not common to other students.  Additionally, it could simply be used to map out a test-taking plan for the student.

Our Regular SAT or ACT Class, whether conducted as a group class or on an individual basis, is designed and presented as strategy sessions. While each class does include skills review beyond the basic level, its primary objective is to build a successful strategy for test taking. At the first class meeting, each student receives a practice book (ACT only) and a folder of pertinent information. Each class meeting ends with an assignment to reinforce skills and should be completed before the next class meeting. A combined SAT/ACT class is a discounted option for those students who wish to prepare for both tests. The combination class is intended for students who are taking the test in consecutive months (ex: Feb ACT and Mar SAT). It consists of 8 hours of prep for the first test followed by 5 hours of prep for the next test.

What are your classes like?
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Other than SAT & ACT prep, what do you offer?

We also offer consultations and tutoring services for the PSAT, SSAT & GRE. Please check out our Other Programs tab for information and pricing.

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What should I do after the first test is taken?

Wait for the results and schedule the next test to allow time to review the results of the first test. At this point, many students will schedule one-on-one follow-up sessions to go over results and plan for further review if needed. 

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How do I get a tutor?

You can sign up for all of our classes here.


We offer tutoring services daily and we will make additions and modifications to our current schedules based on requests.  A parent must approve a student tutoring schedule before the first session can occur.  Email or call us with any additional questions.

Can I defer enrollment to a later group class once I have paid?
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If you want to defer enrollment to a later group, you may do so if you have already paid the deposit (or full balance) and it is more than 7 days prior to the first group class. Registrations are not guaranteed to secure a place in a group until the deposit is received. All deposits are nonrefundable and are nontransferable to other classes within 7 days of the first group meeting.

For FAQ's about the PSAT/SAT and ACT tests and timing please continue reading here.
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