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FAQ - Digital SAT

Here are the most significant changes: 

  •  The test is now adaptive. The performance on Reading/Writing Module 1 will determine the difficulty on Module 2. The same is true on the two Math Modules.

  • The test is now administered through the Bluebook app on an electronic device.

  • The test is 2 hours and 14 minutes long versus 3 hours for the pencil-and-paper test. 

  • There is now a single 10-minute break instead of two breaks. 

  • The Reading/Writing passages are significantly shorter than on the pencil-and-paper test and there is only 1 question per passage. 

  • Students may use a calculator on all math problems.

Yes. The College Board has stated that you are able to superscore between the two tests.

Navigate to the College Board website to register (login required)

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How is the digital SAT different than the pencil-and-paper SAT?
Can I superscore between the pencil-and-paper SAT and the digital SAT?
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What kind of device can be used?

 You can run the app on a Windows laptop or tablet, a Mac laptop, an iPad, or a school-managed Chromebook. It can not be run on a mobile phone. Visit the College Board website for full details: 

You can download the app from the College Board website at the following link: 

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 Can I use my own device?

Yes, you may use your own device.

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 Is there any other information that I need to know about the digital SAT?

Visit the College Board website at the following link for all relevant information:

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What if I don’t have a device?

A device may be provided to you, but you have to inform the College Board at least 30 days in advance. Please visit the following link for information:

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How do I register for the test?
Where can I download the Bluebook app?
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